Skeptical – Outset EP

Skeptical has a really unique sound. It is at once cold and machine-like while also having head-spinning depth and feeling. His subs and kick are so heavy and low that they jump out in front of the snares that float through the tunes. For a basshead like me it’s really enjoyable listening because it rattles my brain.

His latest work on dBridge’s Exit imprint is the Outset EP, and it follows the sound that the label’s become famous for…sometimes minimalist, yet always heavy, hard hitting tunes.

All four tracks on the EP are amazingly well produced and deep. Tops for me are Parallax with it’s funkier, shaking snares overlaid with a reese-like bassline. I’m also a big fan of Collette Warren’s work on Between The Lines. It’s a merging of two distinct pieces of work, her soulful voice and his techno-inspired sound that’s been rinsed on plate for a long time.

Skeptical – Outset EP on Exit is due 18 December

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