Icicle & Safire – Suction Cap / Rido – Barking (Plasma Audio)

When this one landed in my inbox I couldn’t help but feel spoilt for choice. In my opinion Icicle is an artist who has escalated himself over the last few years to a buy-on-sight name.  He is teamed up with Australia’s Safire, whose back catalogue shows a real finesse and eye for detail.  An impeccable match.

Meanwhile, Rido has worked solidly on his sound and now has established a good following after recent releases on Metalheadz and sister label Razor’s Edge.  This time round we find them all on this release from Safire’s own Plasma Audio imprint.

The A side provides us with Suction cup this track really pulls no punches. With a very short intro, we find ourselves on the wrong side of an absolute pummeling from a techno inspired mixture of bass, pounding drums and effects. It’s relentless with no stops for breath and when the attack does finally subside, we are only given seconds before it goes again. This is 4 minutes of track that will have the best of us covered in sweat, dancing like mad.

On the flip, we have Barking maintaining the momentum of the A side. Tis thing has had some serious work put in on it with a number of sequences and filters evident across the track. I’m in awe of Rido’s ability to make such a busy track sound so crisp and well produced. This is not your regular B side.

Make no mistake, you will not be hearing these tracks in the early stages of your night out. This is Drum and Bass that should be heard at the loudest part of a set, when the floor is full and ready to dance to every beat.

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