Mampi Swift – Big Tune EP – Charge

Mampi Swift has always been an absolute badman in the studio as well as a dj out and about. He has his own recognizable sound and upon hearing the upcoming Big Tune EP, it has grown immensely. Tunes like The One and Hi Tek are still dancefloor destroyers still to this day and after a relative silence of sorts, Mampi has quite a bit of music to share with everyone. I really am liking this upcoming release from Mampi.

Big Tune kick starts the EP and it has a really big intro featuring Dapz and this tune follows deeply in quite a bit of the dnb that has been making the rounds on the radio and sorts. I think it doesnt quite get cheesy and just gets to work once the drop hits. I really love the pace this track sets into the rest of the EP with Detroit Bass following suit next. The mentasm stabs and acid like sounds working blend well into a nice tech edged roller.

The Jaws (Coda & Serum Refix) is a BEAST of a tune. I loved the original version and this one had me picking up the phone to call Wes. All he could say was I told you so!

Iron Side is the closer of this EP and it doesn’t let up! Mampi Swift has been relatively silent, but with this EP and the previous Soldiers 12”, the new album is going to be phenomenal. His sound has definitely evolved over the years but it also still keeps his signature style and approach which is a big reason why a lot of us have been fans. No one sounds like him but he is adaptive without sacrificing his own unique characteristics.

Essential buy. The Big Tune EP is available now! Click here!

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