Quadrant, Iris & Kid Hops – 206 LP – Commercial Suicide

I have to confess, I don’t pretend to listen to every release in DnB. I do try to keep as up-to-date as possible but with the sheer number of singles and albums dropping each month it’s a tough ask.

Now, hands up, this promo landed with us and I was drawing a bit of a blank on the artists involved.  I did some digging on Youtube and found a mixed back catalogue from Quadrant, Iris, and Kid Hops…as individuals and a collective.  It’s fair to say I was heading into the unknown with this, I had no expectations and was intrigued to see what this Seattle-based trio could deliver.

It turned out that I had stumbled across a gem here and was feeling fortunate to be assigned this one for review.

Two main things make this album stand out, firstly it’s rare for me these days to listen to a whole album.  This stands for all genres, but particularly dance.  I find myself not liking at least one or two tracks.  It seems to be a dying art now, producing that elusive ‘all killer no filler’ album. This effort comes as close as I have heard in a very, very long time.

This is all made possible by the second stand out feature, the quality and variation that can be heard across all of the tracks. It’s quite special. There is an almost effortless movement between slower moving tracks, that deliver a wonderful subtlety. Just when you feel you understand the album, the next track steps forward with pure ferocity and menace from the opening few bars.

I’ve picked a few tracks below to give you some examples of what this album delivers in bundles.  However, this is only really scratching the surface and a total of 13 tracks sit waiting for you to enjoy and pick out your highlights.

Quadrant, Iris, & Kid Hops 206 LP is available for pre-order now.

Commercial Suicide has a real gem on their hands here.  The 206 LP is looking like a definite contender for a place on my top 10 releases of 2015.

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