DJ Vapour – Exclusive Mix & 5 Quick Questions!

I’ve been a fan of DJ Vapour since I heard his tune, Ignition, on Bailey’s Intabeats show in 2009. My fascination with that track led me to find his first LP, Legacy (the intro Generic Pointless Intro Track still makes me laugh). Subsequently, I’ve followed the label and the rest of the producers on the imprint since!

Despite Ignition being a more modern drum & bass shaker, 36 Hertz Recordings is well known in certain circles for its “retro” old skool hardcore and jungle sounds. We asked DJ Vapour about that and four more quick questions yesterday. He provided some quick insight to his day, the forthcoming 50th release on 36 Hertz, and some other people’s obnoxiousness.

Even after answering my questions, he was boss enough to put together a one hour mix exclusively for Shadowboxing!

Five Quick Questions with DJ Vapour:
1. You are a big champion of the jungle and hardcore sounds and that comes through in your production with a sort of “retro” vibe. Is “retro” an accurate description? How would you describe your music to someone unfamiliar with 36 Hertz?

I love old skool hardcore and jungle and still use old skool analogue gear to produce on – Even down to using DAT tapes for recording. Myself and all the artists make music with a more old skool vibe to it – Some releases are 140BPM old skool style which we call “Flashback”. Then other releases are DNB but with an older twist. As label owner I’m not bothered about trying to fit in and release whatever the hell as I started the label to release music that I liked rather than to try and be in the charts.

The key things that I look for with a release on 36 Hertz are BASS (the more the better!) and Vibes – If a track don’t have a great groove and a wicked vibe then I’m not in to it. End of [story]…

2. Were “Anti-Gravity/Tunnel Vision” always tapped to be the 50th 36 Hertz release or did it just work out that way?

Anti-Gravity I actually made last year and it’s been doing the rounds on dub for ages. But it was made on a old studio set up so I mixed it down again on my new studio set up and then started to think about what I was going to do with it, I had a couple of labels wanting it but I wanted it for 36 Hertz. Once I realized the 50th release was coming I put it aside for that.

Tunnel Vision was, again, something I had been sitting on and rather liked so I slotted that in for the other track on that release. It all kind of just fell into place.

3. What’s an average day like for DJ Vapour?

I like to get up early and hit the gym Monday to Friday then use the rest of the mornings to sort out emails, phone calls and any mastering I get in from my audio mastering company – after lunch. Then it’s studio time if I’m feeling the vibes that day. If not I’ll just catch up with stuff for the label like artwork and release stuff. Weekends are normally all either studio time or time with my kids.

4. The Obnoxious EP kicks a lot of ass (Shottas is mean!), but I was curious about the name since it’s really only obnoxious to my neighbors. How did the name come about?

When I made the title track it was just a really in-your-face heavy track and I feel it has a real attitude to it. The name obnoxious popped into my head and it seemed to fit perfectly to that track. When it come to sorting out the track order Obnoxious became the lead track and the idea popped up to name it, The Obnoxious EP, and it worked so we stuck with it.

5. Speaking of obnoxious…What’s been the most obnoxious person/event/thing you’ve dealt with in your music career?

I could write a book about all the obnoxious crap I have seen and heard in the scene! It’s funny because it’s the new artists who have the worst attitudes, whereas the true innovators of the scene are so down to earth and friendly.

These days I don’t bother to play the networking game as I really cant be arsed with falseness and bullshit. I would much rather keep myself to myself and make my music.

DJ Vapour – The Obnoxious EP (36htz049) – OUT NOW

DJ Vapour – Anti-Gravity/Tunnel Vision (36htz050) – OUT SOON (check the mix for audio)



DJ Vapour – Street Knowledge
Engineers Without Fears – Rhythm
SR & Digbee – Zoom Zoom
DJ Vapour – Shottas (Jungle Flashback Mix)
DJ SS – The Roll Out
DJ Solo and DJ Rossie – Sureshot
DJ Vapour – Obnoxious
Tekken – Windermere (Dillinja Remix)
Goldie – Manslaughter (Grooverider Remix)
Concept 2 – Unlock the Secrets
Asides – Tabletop
Slider – Expose
Inta Warriors – Inta (DJ Vapour Remix)
DJ Vapour – Anti Gravity
The Voss & NC17 – Force Majure
Tim Reaper – Region Chief

More 36 Hertz?


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