Calibre – ‘Dreamz’ Dub EP – CIA

For the fans of “Liquid” DnB there are not many artists that bring the same weight of expectation as Calibre.  Spanning from ‘Musique Concrete’ to present release he has always delivered, with a wide range of styles and across multiple labels, yet always maintaining a level of quality that most could only hope for.

After a brief hiatus, Calibre returns with a release on CIA, featuring four tracks that all differ in delivery but yet still maintain his unique sound.

Another – We kick off with a nice chord arrangement before introducing a rolling break and a trademark echo/dub vocal.  Then after a brief pause, the bass drops and we are introduced to all components working perfectly together to deliver an absolute delight.  The bass is the key ingredient in all of this carrying you through the tune, with the hypnotic break keeping you in time and vocal sample adding that perfect complement.

Posh Boy –  Clearly keen to show off the full range of his talents, the next track delivers something different.  This one has a little more bite to it, although the bass is still the key element, it does give that feel like it’s growling at your throughout.  The soulful chords are replaced by some well delivered filters.  With the metronome style beat, this is perfect for turning the temperature up on your crowd.

Dreamz Dub – A slow drum track starts, accompanied by a looped rain sample and drawn out chords.  Then the bass hits us like a thunder-clap, echoing around the track.  As the title suggests, this is a dub delight with a rolling bassline that dominates, with sporadic horn and amen samples being triggered to give it that complete feel.  We’ve seen this knowledge of Dub music displayed by Calibre before and again in my opinion he gets it the two combinations right.

Believe it – The final track dives straight into a clean rolling break, accompanied by a female vocal sample, with those characteristic chords drawing you in.  Then as you have come to expect the bass comes in, adding that extra drive to an already tidy track.  While it may seem like a familiar combination to fans of his work, there is no arguing with the quality and uniqueness of the delivery.

Overall this is exactly what I expected, a very solid and varied EP.  It maintains that characteristic feel and adds another entry to the increasing list of great releases Calibre has delivered to us.  Personally, I hope this will be the first of many more releases by him over what remains in 2015 and into 2016.

I’d love to hear what you think of the EP in the comments section below.

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