Dispatch095 – SCAR – Silent Witness & Survival

Ant TC1’s Dispatch Recordings has long been a favored label here at SB HQ. Whether it’s a new release or their plethora of mixes we’re all over it like white on rice. For instance, a quick search shows 26 instances of Dispatch release mentions or mixes in the last two years! Now the label is rapidly approaching it’s 100th release and #95, by SCAR and Silent Witness & Survival, is proudly carrying the banner with Scattered Moments/Skank Demon.

SCAR, aka Script & Survival, are old hats in the drum & bass world under a variety of production duos and aliases (today I learned that Survival was Banaczech on Partisan). And since the duo began their collaboration as SCAR they’ve enjoyed immense success with releases on Metalheadz, Dispatch, 31, and Horizons. Now they swoop back into formation on Skank Demon. A heady stomper featuring Visionobi working out the tempo-setting vocals. It opens with a lengthy War of the Worlds warhorn and dirty radio static, before Visionobi even begins building the break. Next thing you know it’s dropping a filthy bassline and you might actually end up skanking.

Survival sets aside his collab with Script to take back up with another old partner, Silent Witness, for Scattered Moments (also featuring Visionobi). More of a rolling tremor than Skank Demon, it uses bongos as its crispy backing beat. Layered over that are Visionobi’s vocals accompanied by a chopped and screwed male vocal. Both tracks shame the dance.

Survival & Silent Witness / SCAR – Scattered Movements/Skank Demon – Dispatch – Out 21 August

As an added enticement, SCAR recently did a mix for Friction’s DNB60 show on Radio 1.

Still can’t get enough Dispatch? Then CLICK HERE for more mixes, tunes, and content from them.

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