Anile – 5 Quick Questions

Anile’s debut album Perspective is now available in all it’s glory from Med School Music (click to stream on Spotify and click here to buy) and he was kind enough to stop down to answer five quick questions.

1. Now that Perspective is out are you feeling relieved, excited, or ready to start all over again?

I’m feeling like I can breath again. I’ve spent the last 14 months in the studio at every possible hour I could find and it took its toll on me. I can honestly say it was worth it as the feedback has been incredible and I’m so lucky to be a part of the Med School & Hospital Records gang who have pushed me to feel confident enough to create a project such as this.

2. Are any of these tracks particularly personal or is there a story behind their creation? Do you have a particular favorite?

Without doubt my favorite is Stay With Me. The track is literally the simplest tune Ive ever made yet most probably in my opinion the most emotional and heart felt. It really for me sums up everything I love about DNB and I feel accomplished for making such a track. The album itself feels right and most honest. There’s nothing extravagant or over whelming, neither is there anything on that album Ive created that doesn’t represent me as a producer. When I first set out to create an album I only dreamt this is how it was to sound. It might not be the most loved style of dnb in this day and age surrounded by commercialism and popularity. What matters is its content and understanding as an artist which I feel I’ve done (I hope). lol.

3. I read on twitter that DRS’ lyrics for City of Injustice were rescued from the proverbial scrapheap. Can you provide a bit of back-story on how that came about?

Yeah basically I wrote Depths for DRS’s second album which had those vocals on. We all agreed that the track suited an instrumental only. The vocals were then forgotten about, It was only when I started to listen back the content of the vocals were far from the scrap heap and needed to be heard. City Of Injustice was born around the vocals and its content just fitted the current times regarding austerity measures etc..

4. Top 5 Fleetwood Mac tunes of all time?

Tuffy… this ones got me thinking such a cracking question I must say!!!….

1. Gold Dust Woman (Link)
2. Gypsy (Link)
3. Seven Wonders (Link)
4. Rhiannon (Link)
5. Stevie Nicks- Edge Of Seventeen (Is this allowed?! Not exactly Fleetwood Mac…) (Link)

[Editor’s Note: We’ll allow the Stevie Nicks solo tune, but c’mon man, no Landslide?!]

5. What’s next for Anile?



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