TOTD – Exodous – Last Breath

I posted Exodous’ Deep Field Audio podcast on Monday (though I forgot the extra ‘u’ in his name!) and mentioned he had a new release, Minimal/Last Breath (DFA008) due out soon. Well “due out soon” is actually Monday and it’s a masher. Once again, Dave and the Deep Field Audio crew have done a spectacular job of finding talent that fits their brand of progressively dark neurofunk.

If Exodous’ Last Breath were a person, it’d be a quasi-sadistic nutter standing on your chest, actively pushing the air out of your diaphragm with its swirling synths, growly cuts, and stepping drums. At the break Last Breath might ease up just enough just so you could hear your own breath in the production…you’re gasping…wheezing…you’re disoriented. But the track just smiles and paces around you as it builds. Soon it’ll retake its smothering position and crush the air out of you again. As soon as the second drop hits, you know it’s all over…You’re fucked.

Exodous – Last Breath/Minimal – Deep Field Audio – OUT 8 June – CLICK HERE TO PREORDER

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