That rowdy buncha Mancunian MCs and producers are back again with another LEVELZ crew production. I mentioned on Facebook that I have very little use for American rap and hip-hop these days. It’s become a shell of itself in recent years and they’ve more or less lost the plot. Most rappers take themselves entirely too seriously and most of the productions is recycled shit. I find the Manchester MCs, led by the LEVELZ crew, to be a refreshing change-of-pace from the high-signing, nutjobs like Drake and Kanye. The LEVELZ crew are out having fun and not trying to beat everyone into submission with their own egos. And while they might not take themselves super seriously, they put a lot of effort into their craft and have honed it a razor sharp edge with swarthy lyrics, perfect punch timing, and immaculate beat work (Metrodome & Biome handling up on 09!).

LVL 09 is a “pay what you want” track, so you could conceivably get it for free, but drop em a buck or a pound or a fiver if you’re feeling generous. CLICK HERE!

p.s. LVL 07 is also a “pay what you want” download.


  1. Yeah – absolute badness! My friend saw the LEVELZ crew live at the end of last month – they were smashing out room 2 (Fabric… sorry dude, one day!!) with some considerably larger grime heads fronting room 1; JME, Skepta rocked up and all sorts of noise.

    Though my grime-obsessed hombre was blown away by LEVELZ – the general consensus deemed LEVELZ the absolute, without a doubt, highlight of the evening. I think they just did their own versions of various hip-hop classics and obviously spat out some of their own lyrically diverse sickness as well.

    Manchester: hub of musical genius for TIME


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