Fixate – Exit Records Mix for Radio1

It’s Saturday night at 11:44pm and I’m jamming the fuck out of this 18 day old Fixate mix for Radio1. Essentially ever tune on the mix by Chimpo is killing it, especially Haymaker and Who Run Tingz. Fixate’s mix is flawless and it’s just…fucking hell.

Now if I could just get a download of the whole thing.

Fixate – Alive [Exit]
SubMarine – 15 Knots [Bassliebe]
Chimpo – Haymaker [Exit]
Kid Drama – Versus #1 (ft Skeptical) [CNVX]
Fixate – N20 [Exit]
Skeptical – Delusions Of Granduer [Exit]
Fixate – Inside Dub [Dub]
Fracture x Moresounds – Dead & Bury [Astrophonica]
Chimpo & Trigga – Who Run Tingz [Dub]
Fixate & Hyroglifics – Daft [Dub]
Break vs Mad Hed City – 40Hurts (Sam Binga RMX) [Gutterfunk]
Fixate – Percussive Aggressive [Exit]
SubMarine – Whale War [Dub]
Fixate – Contemplate [Dub]
Mark System – Final Approach [Exit]
Calibre – Concrete [Exit]
Mark System – Pursuit [Exit]
Calibre – Stranger [Exit]
Chills – Goggin [Diffrent Dub]
Fixate – Throwback Therapy [Exit]
Chimpo & Fixate – Bun It [Exit]
Halogenix x Hyroglifics – Hallelujah [Dub]
Fracture – Overload [Exit]
Fixate – Sueno [Exit]
Rebel MC – Wickedest Sound (Om Unit Remix) [Dub]
Chimpo & Fixate – Dumb [Exit]
Hyroglifics – Delusions [Dub]
Fixate – System Malfunction [Diffrent]
Alix Perez – Gully Halves [Exit]
Amit – Manic Minor [Exit]
Om Unit – Pots N Pans [Dub]
Crypticz – Bubblegum [Dub]
Fixate – Molecules [Dub]

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