TOTD – Decoder & Substance – Red

Bristol badman, Darren Decoder has long been a favorite of mine. From his days producing jungle under the alias of Orca on Lucky Spin, to the countless collaborations with Technical Itch, and the hugely successful work with Kosheen he’s always acquitted himself as a topflight producer. He’s also a good dude and absolutely hilarious, which is why I forgave him for breaking my sink off the wall in 1999, but that’s a story for another day.

He’s been running around the world with Kosheen for the last few years and has released several albums with that crew. Now he’s just put out a new single with Substance, Susie Ledge, and MC Jakes called Red on Technique Recordings. The original mix is a fresh return to a genre that Decoder and Substance know through and through. The two remixes by Kronology and Document One, respectively, are dedicated floor killers.

Decoder & Substance feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes – Red – OUT NOW

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