TOTD – Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets

My new bit in the morning is to play different kinds of music while we take our almost 2 year old son to school. This week we’ve listened to classic rock, jazz, downtempo, and today I introduced him to disco. (BTW, this is what makes satellite radio great!)

So why did I choose Unlimited Touch’s marginal 1980 R&B I Hear Music In The Streets as my tune of the day? Well for one thing I’ve never heard it before and, despite being released in 1980, it sounds like a modern day house tune. Which could have a lot do with the legendary Francois K doing the original mix down. Secondly, my son was HAVING IT in the back seat! When a toddler starts waving his arms around and bouncing in his car seat, you know a tune is going big. Watching him experience that unadulterated joy when he hears a song for the first time makes that song an easy pick for my tune of the day.

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