FABRICLIVE Summer Season 2015

I’m sad to report that I have never been to Fabric, but every time I see a line-up or hear about a show there, it makes me regret not having been. Between the mix CD series, the multitude of DJ mixes they post online, and the shows themselves there cannot possibly be a better nightclub in the world. One day I will go to London, even if I’m 60, and I will go to Fabric.

I want to be in Fabric.

Now they’ve gone and released their Summer Season 2015 schedule. It’s ri-god-damn-diculous…and this is only May! I haven’t even posted the June, July and August shows.

I’ve since spent hours trying to figure out how to stow myself in the luggage compartment on a transatlantic flight to London once a week. Londoners are spoiled.





Just for fun, they’ve added an MC SOUNDBOARD that I’ve just spent 45 minutes playing with…the MC GQ bits are the best.


      1. Haha but seriously: sad times, still, plenty of other incredible venues across the globe. Where are you based?

        There’s always time for Fabric when the time is right and you’ve got the cash to attend – hopefully it isn’t going anywhere, despite all this recent business with its license etc.


      2. I’m in Austin, Texas. A trip to the UK for a weekend would cost me somewhere in the range of $5-6000. I’m totally up for spending that…the wife? not so much! ahaha


      3. And there was me expecting you to whip out a European title there!

        That’s not just a quick nip over on the Eurostar then.

        I take it the line-ups weren’t enough to sway her then? haha

        Sounds like a future holiday to our fair isle is in order! I’d happily put some friends from across the pond up a place to stay for the sake of musical experience… those subs under the floor are well worth the adventure.

        I’ve only come across one American in fabric, a beautiful blond girl who I somehow befriended in the hopes of some romance, sadly she was only there because of friends and had no idea what was going on. I asked her what kind of music she liked, to which she responded “rock”. She didn’t really understand the fusion of broken beats and heavy sub frequencies plus the hundreds of assorted folks of all kinds swinging jaws against the walls and pointing fingers at the carnage dropping DJ’s. Equally as she didn’t understand my need to pull away from our painful conversation/semi-education in what exactly it is she was stood amongst, to do a standard but, for her, stupid dance to Super Sharp Shooter (early set, not sure how that one cropped up).

        I followed up her interest in rock by asking what she was into? Y’know, rock’s a pretty broad subject, as are all things; to which she said “Oh I duno…”. My brush with unbelievably beautiful blond America, at gritty London nightclub was very much dismantling itself in-front of my hopeful Drum & Bass loving eyes, her separation from music and distaste towards my vague stabs at rock suggestions, Nirvana, the Chilis, the Stones, the fucking Who: all further expanding an empty void of disinterest. She didn’t know who Nirvana was, didn’t like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, had heard of the Rolling Stones and said “Who?” to… yeah. She said “No… like Aerosmith…” I mean hey I loved Armageddon when I was 14 but really? I’ve got a small soft place for the soft-rocking-ballad-smashing melted face Chocolate-Smith in my heart but it would be nice to see a few folks from across the pond indulging in the culture as you should do.


      4. hahaha…lord, what an awful musical representation of our country. unfortunately this is the majority of people who likely travel abroad from here. i’d like to imagine that she came home after that visit, asked her friends “who was the guy playing with gold teeth?” Found Goldie, ended up buying Timeless or Platinum Breakz Vol. 1 and it changed her life. The reality is she probably went home and turned on “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” for the millionth time or took up “bro-country” and started drinking Budweiser from the tap at Florida-Georgia Line concerts. you dodged a bullet, my man.


      5. Haha one chick not-rocking out at Fabric was one chick not-rocking out at Fabric.

        I only have to glance at Lee Bannon, Gremlinz, Machinedrum, Translation Recordings, Sinistarr etc. just for Drum & Bass in the US to know that the rep is more than strong.

        I consider the US influences from Jazz, Blues etc. in Dub & Reggae… then the consequent Breaks that stemmed from said Jazz and the Dub-routes that founded Jungle… and then Drum & Bass.

        Then Disco dude… disco was like the founding father of almost all electronic music.

        And that’s just electronics…

        The US is a global cultural powerhouse, in incredible ways as much as it has been, like us in the UK, awful ways too.

        And you’re right, she probably did and I wouldn’t know, sacked her off after our polite “cultural” exchange and fucked off onto the dancefloor to get messy!


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