Hardkiss – Delusions of Grandeur 20th Anniversary

There was a time from 1995 to 1997 where my friends and I struggled to make the long trek home from a rave without listening to a Hardkiss Brothers mix. Whether it was Gavin, Scott (RIP), or Robbie it really didn’t matter. Their combination of ultra-relaxing breakbeat and house was extraordinarily soothing to all of us when you were driving into that awful sunrise.

Besides their individual mix CDs (which we wore out!), our go-to was their Delusions of Grandeur album on their own Hardkiss Records. The San Francisco trio were part of a wave of producers hitting it big in the states with a “breakhouse” sound that made them extraordinarily popular. Other acts, like Rabbit in the Moon, Cirrus, and The Bassbin Twins were also carving their own niche in a similar breakbeat sound. Then there were labels like Moonshine Music that capitalized on it too by releasing untold numbers of compilations in the same vein. For us though, the Hardkiss brothers stood out from those acts and the Moonshine crowd.

Now the two remaining “brothers” – Gavin and Robbie – are working on a 20th anniversary digital release of Delusions of Grandeur and a live event on May 20th in San Francisco with Rabbit in the Moon and DJ Three. You can find more info on the project and event over HERE at Pledge Music. If you’ve never heard the original album then be sure to listen to the original tracks on Soundcloud. If it tickles your musical fancy as a new listener or you’re just into nostalgia then grab this American dance music classic when it’s re-issued.

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