Chopstick Dubplate ft. Cheshire Cat – Chopstick in Wonderland

As a long-time junglist, I will always a soft spot in my heart for ragga even if I don’t dig into the sound too much anymore. That doesn’t mean there isn’t quality tunes being made on the regular. Quite the opposite actually, the genre genre is still quite healthy even if the quantity is smaller than it’s heyday. Guys like Marcus Visionary, the Sub Slayers label, Serial Killaz, and the don Congo Natty/Rebel MC still do their thing regularly.

I was really impressed with this EP release featuring the vocal talents of Cheshire Cat alongside steady, jumpy production from the Chopstick Dubplate crew – Jacky Murda, Aries, and Tuffist. All the tunes on the Chopstick in Wonderland EP are crisp and that’s gotten them lots of love lately, even the mighty David “Ram Jam” Rodigan went in on the King Yoof remix of I’m Sure (which is free, CLICK HERE).

You can probably guess, based upon the title and cover art, that there is a distinct theme to the release. While that theme doesn’t carry into every track, it does have a narrative when listened as a whole. The first tune, I’m Sure, is a surefire jungle ballad…which is pretty damn unique and a phrase I never thought I’d write. Troddin’ On (my fav) is another positively vibed-out track that’s message is to just keep dancing through life: “The fun has just begun, I’m gonna dance til the day is done.” The other stand-out to me is Bounty Hunter which sounds like the vocal were run through a soundclash cassette tape filter which gives it a very unique hi-fi sound. That’s not to say it takes away from the overall production though, because the Chopstick crew still brings plenty of bassline pressure and rising drum patterns.

Chopstick Dubplate – Chopstick in Wonderland is OUT NOW.

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