Semiotix ft. Tonn Piper & Nian Dub – Dark Arts EP – NB Audio

NB Audio (Neo Babylon Audio) is a new label for me. After looking at their page, they reign from Manchester and cover drum and bass, dubstep, reggae and hip-hop done by a ton of indy artists. I say “indy” only because I haven’t heard of any of these guys. If the this EP is any indication of how they roll, they have my attention.

The Dark Arts EP is their 5th release with Semiotix featuring Nian Dub & Tonn Piper.

Dark Arts is a stabby little number with an MC on vocal duty introducing you to the EP. There’s nice little tap and reverb sparse throughout. For the most part, it’s pretty minimal, but it works as an introduction to the EP, which is eerie and almost sci-fi themed.

The Hidden is all about some techy atmospherics and is my pick off the EP–a nice dark and gritty stepper. Think of Blade Runner meets Alien but not as scary but about as creepy. The many different layers complement each other really well. When I think that they have enough going on already, they bring something else in and it makes it even better.

Sleep Later is quick and catchy. I find myself really enjoying the breaks, maybe because there is absolute silence for a  split second after each one. I like to think this one is named after that feeling you get when you start to dose off, but then the caffeine starts kicking in keeping you going for a bit longer. Yeah, it feels like that. Definitely jammable.

Pariah does a lot of starting and stopping. I’m not really sure where this one is going, but it’s a good track to end the EP on.

Give it a listen.

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