Beats & Pieces – Bungle – Alone EP

**Editor’s Note: Adrian Scientia wrote this piece, but his precious Macbook suffered a long and painful death, so I’ve stepped in to post it for him. The words are his own.

Bungle delivers an incredible release, The Alone EP, on Doc Scott’s 31 Recordings imprint, which has proven to be unstoppable since its “relaunch” in 2013. They have always pushed DNB’s boundaries, rhythmic structures, and arrangements with amazing results. Bungle is no exception and an excellent addition to this stable of producers with this four track EP.

Alone kicks things off with a nice stepper that simply gets to the point with a rumbling sub and cracking snare toying with nice synth stabs. The synth is sparse and tasty, spread out in the mix to add a nice depth into the breakdown. Allowing you to catch your breath before riding it with the sub igniting the spark to get moving again.

Looking Back is my favorite cut off the EP. The tune is so deep and exploratory with roving subs and an ethereal vocal floating on top. An atmospheric roller with more bite than what one would expect from the sounds used, but fits into primetime or late night roll out biz. There’s been a absence of straight forward tunes like Looking Back and Alone that a DJ can blend for a killer mix and let the beats ride.

Arcadia delves into the newer style of track I have been completely getting off on…minimal elements arranged to create complex percussive runs. 31 and Exit kill it with this style and Bungle does the damage too. Fast Forward closes out the EP with a heavier track that gives me a vibe reminiscent of another recent 31 release by Vromm. There are elements of light and beauty in the sparse melody and it plays well plays over mechanical breaks answering to neurofunkish stabs.

An essential purchase.

Pre-order Bungle’s Alone EP HERE

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