Truth – The Ark EP – Firepower Records

Truth are a New Zealand based dubstep duo that have been a solid contributor to the sound since 2009. They have three albums under their belt, one of which, Love’s Shadow, was given away for FREE on their Soundcloud page. With various collaborations featuring the likes of Alix Perez, Noah D, DJ Madd, Datsik, and Lynx, among others, they have garnered a serious following. If you’ve never heard one of their tracks, think of some lower BPM bass with lots of layered melodies, broken beats and different footwork patterns making for varied tempos and atmospherics throughout their catalog. I recommend checking out their ongoing podcast Truth Chronicles which is an often featured 15-30 min set that really showcases their sound.

Well, they’re at it again at it again with The Ark EP. The title track leads you in with a vocal sample, then layers on some varied treble patterns and about half-way through, slowly drops the bassline. Next come the stretched out stabs while they pull you back in to enjoy it all together. Look Around features a Tupac sample and head-nodding beat. I really dig the strings in this one and the step-layered stab. Berlin is a housy little number, that you wouldn’t expect to find on a dubstep EP, but Truth like to try new things. I like to think of this track as a kind of intermission between the heavier tracks. And now back to the bass with Hysteria. It starts out with another vocal sample and strings again but at a different octave. Lots of breaks on this one — I get into something work-wise while this is playing and find my head nodding on the breakdowns. I would call Crimson down-tempo, but I don’t think I really know what that means. It’s has about the same feel as The Ark, but there’s more underlying melody to this one.  Come to Mind features Lelijveld who has been on several Truth tracks. It reminds me of a more trip-hop electronic tune, but it definitely has the Truth signature sound.

Cop it here.

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