Chorux – Polaris EP – Warm Communications

**Editor’s Note: I asked my long time friend and fellow Texan, Bitter White Guy, to step in and write up the newest Warm Communications’ release. He’s the owner/operator of the techno label, Sonic Convergence, a long time drum & bass fan, and a former dabbler in the devil’s music…trance. If you enjoy a bit of humor sprinkled in with sport-sy observations (and more than a bit of Univ. of TX bias), I suggest you follow him on twitter, @Bitterwhiteguy. Also, be sure and check out his other blogging work at (I highly recommend “College Football Programs & The EDM Tunes They Should Adopt”). Big thanks to BWG! -Wes

It’s fairly amazing that one of the most consistently interesting D’n’B labels on the planet is based in the Texas panhandle. There are more cows within 100 miles of Warm Communications’ HQ than D’n’B weeklies. Well, there are more cows than people, too, so maybe that’s a bad example. Suffice it to say Amarillo’s not exactly a prime stop on the next Planet of the Drums tour. If it weren’t for the Internet, Mr. Looney would be the chillest ethanol plant worker you’ve ever met – or the main character of Kevin Bacon’s musical sequel to ‘The Air Up There’ – but thanks to a series of tubes he’s able to bring music to our ears. Thanks, Al Gore.

The Polaris EP features 4 tracks that range from the deeper edge of dancefloor movers to darker minimal(ish) D’n’B. My clear favorite from the release is Don’t Even Know, a track with a well-placed vocal sample, growly basslines, and enough melody to keep things flowing nicely. Fans of Seba & Future Engineers will enjoy this tune.

The rest of the release carries a different vibe to it; Polaris is a fairly standard ‘deep’ D’n’B track that isn’t unusual, though I think I now know what it sounds like when a Nintendo Gameboy climaxes. It’s All Happening is a minimal roller with clever snare edits, subtle melody, & a touch of amen break; Away From the Light thumps nicely and has enough complexity & layering to get your head bobbing. The breaks are well-timed and not overly long, which is a trait not found in enough tracks. Don’t Even Know and Away From the Light are worth a buy for me and all 4 are worth checking out.

Order Chorux’s Polaris EP HERE

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