Chris Artisan – Intro


You’ve hopefully had a chance to look at my first article, where I had a chance to speak to Xtrah.  I felt that I should take a moment to formally introduce myself.

I’m Chris, a 33 year old DJ and promoter from the UK.  I’ve been involved in DnB since 1996 via a very healthy local scene at the time.  Since then I have accrued a mountain of vinyl and almost as many MP3’s.  It’s fair to say that my taste in DnB hasn’t really changed much since I first got involved and the “Metalheadz” sound was always my “thing.”

In recent years my musical tastes have diversified and I now have a very fond love of Hip Hop production and in particularly J Dilla and Madlib.  You can find a mixture of my mixes (DnB, Hip Hop and Dubstep) on my mixcloud:

Elsewhere you will find me spending a few hours a week on the PS4 or watching the NBA, of which I am a massive fan.  Although the fact I am a Pistons fan doesn’t tend to win me many followers.

I hope you continue to appreciate my content on this site, I always welcome feedback.


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