Beats & Pieces Vol 32

I haven’t gone in on a B&P in awhile, so allow me to write some words about some music that’s either available now or out soon.

Mako – Do You Feel The Same – Warm Communications – OUT NOW

The A side, Do You Feel The Same? gives us some nice, dark, moody atmospherics before breaking down into a nostalgic No U-Turn-esque kick to the face. Meanwhile, All We Can Do feels like an antithesis of Do You Feel The Same? and showcases some of the duality of Mako. Finally, Too Broke To Get It, has me falling for the texture and layers flooding over everything. It just feels full and lush.

Blu Mar Ten Music – Marso & Gala – Promise/MonoChrome – OUT NOW

Click HERE to listen on Spotify

A male/female production team from Siberia that are creating an interesting soundscape with this release on BMTM. Promise feels very melancholy despite the name, unless that promise is supposed to be broken. Very despondent synths rising out of the staccato beat. A wistful vocal sample rises and falls throughout the tune giving it even more melancholia. Monochrome is a much brighter flip compared to Promise. It has a sunny disposition with a musing cheer, but there’s still some coldness there. Maybe that Siberian upbringing and environment is reflected in the music?

Fre4knc – Chain Of Command / Sinjek – Plasma Audio – OUT NOW

Fre4knc seems to be hitting his stride with this release and new bits on Invisible, Dispatch, and Samurai. Chain of Command is a mean, floor killer for Plasma Audio’s third release. It’s meant to turn the aggro level up to 11 and that’s allllright by me. Sinjek is grittier and darker, a bit more foreboding. It’s the quiet guy in the corner that would be the bigger threat if this release were an action movie and the duo were about to square off against the protagonist. Chain of Command would soften em up, before Sinjek would come in with purpose.

Macky Gee – Black Widow EP – Liondub International – Out Soon

Maybe I’ve been in a hole, but I wasn’t very aware of Macky Gee until the Black Widow EP slithered it’s way into my inbox. Most of it is a pleasant surprise as some of the sounds aren’t generally in my wheel house. The particulars are pretty straight forward…a five track EP showcasing jump-up party anthems. The stand-outs for me are Be The One and The Hood. The former has a bit of a Playaz vibe to it, while the latter changes things up a smidge with a slightly dirtier bass riff. Both would get pulled up in the right dance.

Spearhead – Ten – Out 6th April

Ten is Spearhead’s compilation that celebrates the past and future of the label featuring a best-of compilation and a pile of future classics. If you’ve followed Spearhead, or even drum & bass, at all for a few years then most of these tunes will be familiar. They’ve wound their way into many playlists and sets over the last ten years and done serious damage. All of the tunes on Ten encapsulate what label don, BCee has been pushing with the imprint since its inception. Top quality.

Spearhead has a double vinyl gatefold package planned that includes a triple CD pack included for Ten. If that’s not your thing, you can opt for just the CD triple pack or a digital-only release. The CD release will have the remastered selections, 13 brand new tracks, and a 70 minute megamix by BCee. The mix is only available on the CD release, so head’s up. Listen to the above linked tracks for a taste, but click HERE for all the details.

C.I.A – Classified V1 EP – OUT NOW

Four brand new tracks from Calibre, Total Science (and Riya!), Mako, and a Chroma for about $5? Yes, please. I don’t really need to go into a big description of the tracks, just re-read those names again or, if you STILL don’t believe me, click play on the embedded player….but I will say that, that Calibre tune is retro atmosheric drum & bass personified.

Quentin Hiatus – Passive Boycott – Translation Recordings – OUT NOW

Mr. Hiatus has been one of the more prolific artists to roll across my desk in the last twelve months. He’s done tons of stuff for Free Love Digi, but now he’s got a release on DC’s Translation Recordings. He’s always ridden a genre-bending line and this is no exception. Big 808 bass and killer drum patterns weave in and out of the track making it more quality future bass material.

DistantStarr – Vibe – First Moth Records – Out 20th April

Last, but not least, comes a tidy little hip-hop album, Vibe, from New York MC DistantStarr. I typically judge hip-hop by it’s repeat playability. What that means is that I generally ask myself, “How many time will I listen to this album?” Usually, a cursory listen is all I can get through (unless it’s Kanye, then 0 listens), but I’m far from the world’s biggest hip-hop aficionado. Distantstarr’s Vibe has had me hooked for four full listens already. Everything I’ve heard is tight, catchy and infinitely re-playable. Even my 18 month old son found his groove to the album and that’s high praise indeed.

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