TOTD – Stivs & Katch Pyro – Yuh No Badman

One of my all-time favorite mixes is the classic AWOL – Live in London 1995 mix featuring Darren J, Mickey Finn, Dr. S Gachet, Kenny Ken and Randall rinsing out a packed house while GQ and Fearless handle mic duties. From the first drop on DJ Biggs’ The Hunter and that “Jezusss Christ!” sample you know the whole thing is just a balls to the wall amen tear-out.

These days it’s rather rare for a new track to capture that same feeling, but I’ll be damned if Stivs and Katch Pyro haven’t captured it with Yuh No Badman! They dive right in with a filthy likkle guitar lick and waste no time drilling you in the face at the 43 second mark with 808 madness. It got me way hyped for a mundane Wednesday morning at the office so I can’t even imagine how it’d do on a dancefloor. I love jungle.

In addition to the original mix is a chunky, slowed down remix from Fleck and a straight-up darkside drum & bass chaser from Gold Dubs. All the tune previews are available in the soundcloud below.

Getcha some jungle riddims from Stivs & Katch Pyro – Yuh No Badman

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