We The Ragamuffin

The music, the clothes, the place, the time. Shot on location in Peckham in 1993, this 29 minute short film will put a smile on your face.

Watch We The Ragamuffin

We The Ragamufn

From Dazed Magazine: “Working with a purely improv script and local grassroots cast, Julian Henriques’s We the Ragamuffin provides a fascinating glimpse into the hybrid world of ‘ragga’, gun play, and dancehall in the British-Carribean community of Peckham.”

Julian Henriques: “The whole film was shot on location in Peckham, but the Ragamuffin culture -the current version of reggae at the time – was inspired by Jamaica. If you listen to the music, you can hear all kinds of beats that hearken back to Africa. But the artists featured in the film developed a distinctive crossover style, like Mikey General who sings the main song. It’s a uniquely British black Carribean–inspired music scene.”


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