We The Ragamuffin

The music, the clothes, the place, the time. Shot on location in Peckham in 1993, this 29 minute short film will put a smile on your face.

Watch We The Ragamuffin

We The Ragamufn

From Dazed Magazine: “Working with a purely improv script and local grassroots cast, Julian Henriques’s We the Ragamuffin provides a fascinating glimpse into the hybrid world of ‘ragga’, gun play, and dancehall in the British-Carribean community of Peckham.”

Julian Henriques: “The whole film was shot on location in Peckham, but the Ragamuffin culture -the current version of reggae at the time – was inspired by Jamaica. If you listen to the music, you can hear all kinds of beats that hearken back to Africa. But the artists featured in the film developed a distinctive crossover style, like Mikey General who sings the main song. It’s a uniquely British black Carribean–inspired music scene.”


  1. wasn’t sure how long it would stay on that website (and couldn’t find the full length one anywhere else), so i’m glad you got to watch it!


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