DRS – Mid Mic Crisis

MC DRS’ second full length EP, Mid Mic Crisis, just dropped on Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R HERE and I am fucking stoked!

I am a full-on, unapologetic MC DRS evangelist. I’ve supported every project he’s been a part of because 1. they’re great and 2. he works his ass off for his craft. It isn’t hyperbole when I say that he has literally changed the the drum & bass MC game by showing the world that it’s not just double-time, bar repeating cokeheads chatting shit. He’s brought structure, timing, lyrical content, and quality production to this world when other guys just mail it in for a check. That’s why DJs and producers want him on their tracks and not just toasting their sets and being forgotten (or worse, being unplugged mid-set).

Much like his prior release, I Don’t Really Like MC’s But…, Mid Mic Crisis delivers a host of collaborations with some of the heavyweights in drum & bass. It’s like an all-star game on the damn album. You want Calibre? Ok. What about SPY? Yep, he’s done a tune with DRS and Shola Ama. Lynx? Die? Marcus Intalex? He’s gotcha. It makes me wonder how many tracks from other producers didn’t make the cut and how many VIPs are floating around out there…

Two tracks on this album, The View (with LSB) and The Puppeteer (with Jubei), have been doing epic dancefloor damage all over the world. Now, there’s 15 other tracks with the aforementioned producers ready to create their own havoc. I’m only on my first listen through this morning, but here’s what’s caught my ear so far…a subdued downtempo bass workout with Toddla T on the title track, Mid Mic Crisis. The follow-up to the tune that put “bun” into my vernacular, Bun Ya Too with Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, and Strategy. The absolutely disgusting Diablo with Dub Phizix and a nice hip-hop number, Try Out, with Micall Parknsun.

Instead of buying your grande mocha latte with half calf-decaf, take that $7 and drop it on the Mid Mic Crisis.

You can listen to previews and purchase the album at the DRS – Mid Mic Crisis at Soul:R’s Bandcamp page.

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  1. Yes yes! Too few blogs on WordPress representing this side of Drum & Bass, can’t believe I didn’t hear about this album until this morning through a friend.

    A Bun Ya Too!?!? The original track went absolutely off! Chimpo’s bit is class!

    Well up for getting immersed in this’n


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