TOTD – Boston – Catch Your Breath

Boston, a young Welsh producer and not a Southie from Mass, helms the 20th release on Break’s Symmetry Recordings. It’s a turn of styles for the imprint as there’s a decidedly mellower texture on both tracks.

The A-side, and my tune of the day, is Catch Your Breath. Bostom kicks it off with a two-step kick before opening with some bluesy guitar and keys work that showcase his own musical prowess. Then at the break (pun intended), it gets a smidge darker and sub-by but maintains as slow rolling stunner.

I’m a sucker for the bygone jazzstep sound and the B-side, For Grace, fills in that sound gap with distinction. It’d do well with classic EZ Rollers, early Hospital, and select Full Cycle tunes of yesteryear. Both tracks are top notch and worth your pennies.

Boston – Catch Your Breath/For Grace – Symmetry – OUT NOW

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