Randall & Andy C – Live @ The TOV Afterparty 2002

Sometimes you just have to take a break and I did that this last weekend with the wife. We gave the kid to his grandparents and we fucked off to the mountains for a few days of hiking and relaxation. Now we’re back and balls deep in piled up work email and the grind. It’s all worth it though…I really wish American’s placed more importance on holidays like the European’s do, it’d make us much more efficient overall. Anyway, who gives a shit about what I think about our ridiculous work “ethic” and lack of time off? No one, that’s who.

Let’s get down to it…here’s a mix I found a few months ago on a random CD-R spindle in my closet. It’s Andy C and Randall dropping the tunes while MCs GQ, Fearless, and Det handle mic duties. The sharpie label said “Live @ Trouble on Vinyl Afterparty 2002” so we’ll roll with that. I would guess this happened in Miami at a Winter Music Conference…somewhere and not Miami since Fearless mentions “Carnival Weekend” but I’d just be guessing and I bet if I asked any of the DJs or MCs they wouldn’t have any idea either.

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