RQ – BMTM Guestmix

Chris with Blu Mar Ten has described their newest signing, RQ, as an “enigmatic kiwi,” but I’d also add “fabulous beard” to that descriptor. He’s previously released tracks on Samurai and Auxillary while also keeping his own label, Dawn, afloat.

His newest release on Blu Mar Ten Music, Shimmer/Traces, harkens back to the Good Looking era or atmospheric drum & bass which drops them right in my wheelhouse. To sweeten the pot RQ has done a mix that features a tracklist that is entirely comprised of original his productions. Tune in and get enigmatic, man.

RQ’s Shimmer/Traces is OUT NOW.

RQ – Overlay
RQ – Dragonfly
RQ – 2 Lines
RQ – Waiting
RQ – Resonate
RQ – Third Ground
RQ – Season of the Emergence
RQ – Glass Serpent
RQ – Traces
RQ – Cherry
RQ – Scarab Moon
RQ – Shimmer
RQ – Black Rooms

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