Beats & Pieces Vol. 31 – It’s MASSIVE!

Oh shit! There are a lot of big tunes already winding their way through the ether or due out soon. Here’s what’s tickling my drums.

Break – Temptations/Right Now – Symmetry – OUT NOW
I’m loving the slow, soul tinkly build on Temptation. It brings you round like Slow Down did a few years ago, but it is it’s own tune. A great mix starter. Right Now is pure jungle vibes with a shuffling amen and a mix that harkens back to 1997. It’s a pure rinseout and would be a big pull-up tune with that sub-bass drop.

Dead Man’s Chest (Eveson) – Dreamscapes EP – Ingredients – OUT NOW
Eveson released the Dreamscapes EP under his Dead Man’s Chest alias for…reasons. The hows and whys are largely irrelevant. It’s a solid EP featuring an old skool tune (All About U), an atmospheric throwback (Revenant), a reese bass ragga drumfunker (Foundation Days), and the heady yet aggressive titular track (Dreamscapes). He even did a really good mix for Data Transmission that you should check out.

InsideInfo – Mushroom/The Plains – Viper – OUT NOW
Both these tunes were made to make the dancefloor go mad. Mushroom jumps right in with zero pretense. The Plains though…it waits on you…pulling you in before giving you a rolling kick to the nuts. They’re tidy pieces of neurofunk and highly recommended if you got a dance you need to work over.

Klute – You Won’t Like It EP – Commercial Suicide – Out 23rd January
This is the 20th anniversary of Klute being…well, Klute. Did you know he’d been Klute for 20 years? Me either, but he put his first 12″ out on Certificate 18 way back in 1995. Big up to him for doing what he’s done for this long! Here’s the man himself on this release and his plans for the new year: “To mark the occasion i’ve decided to release as much new music as I can throughout the year as singles or EP’s as opposed to my traditional route of saving everything up for an album releases every couple of years. These releases will come on Commercial Suicide as well as other labels…”

Skittles – Bumba EP – Out 2nd February
Skittles might be best known as the voice in last year’s I’m A Creator collab with Dub Phizix. However, he’s been rapping about life in Manchester and espousing social commentary in that city’s hip hop scene for years. This breathless four track EP features him going in on a cross genre pollinated jam session with DRS, Chimpo (who wrote some of the beats), Fox and Rolla. Since I’m not a native UK’er, some of the slang is over my head, but I know quality when I hear it.

Mako, Villem, & McLeod – Innver Revolution/Borrowed Love – Utopia Music – OUT SOON
What a cool release from the newest Utopia Music supergroup. The A-side, Inner Revolution is a really lovely slice of liquid-y harmonic funk. Classy vocal and pinpoint production from these three producers that just seem to ooze out good music. For me though, the B-side is incredible. Borrowed Love would be at home on a Sunday night 80s retrospective radio show smashed between Siouxie and the Banshees and the Human League. Totally unique and mesmerizing…really, really love this.

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