Boiler Room Upfront

I recently discovered a new set of mixes from Boiler Room titled Boiler Room Upfront.

According to their website, Upfront is, “….a new audio mix series where we call upon the most interesting artists/DJs/record labels and ask them to peer into the near future. How they take it from there is entirely open to interpretation.”

Mkay I’ll bite.

I checked out Upfront009 from John Heckle prior to reading that description and the first term that came to mind was “spacey”.

Mission accomplished, John.

You can flip through the mixes directly from that page. Each page has a custom theme as well.

The series started in the fall of 2014 and I’m still checking all of them out. So far I’ve heard the ones from John Heckle, Opium Hum, ItaloJohnson and Synkro. I like them all.

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