Blu Mar Ten – Night Shift (Future Sound of London Remix)

Yep, you read that right…somehow the BMT crew coerced/bribed/blackmailed/kidnapped (or just asked) the freakin’ Future Sound of London (FSOL) to remix their tune Night Shift as part of the Famous Lost Words Remix project.

You can pick up the digital copy today at your favorite retailer, OR, you can buy one of the super-limited edition 10″ hand-stamped vinyl versions that will never, ever be repressed once they’re gone. I know a friend of mine bought four, audio un-heard, just in case.

FSOL Story Time: Sometime in the 90s, I’d just come home from a rave still wide awake and enjoying the swirly colors when I remembered I had picked up Seven (w/ Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman) at Blockbuster the night before. I was only halfway through the flick and thought it would be a WONDERFUL idea to go ahead and finish it off. I popped it into the VCR just before the infamous heroin body discovery scene. You know, the one with the air fresheners everywhere and the skeletal remains of a junkie tied to a bed? Except he wasn’t dead…yea. I couldn’t hit stop fast enough on the tape and I just sat there in the dark wondering what I was doing with my life. The only thing within reach was my portable CD player and FSOL’s “ISDN.” I sat there for the rest of the night and most of the morning zoning out to that album and clearing my head with their music. They kept me from becoming a vegetable.

The “Night Shift” remix brings me back around to the more pleasant portion of that evening because it has classic FSOL elements. And I love that because, on that morning, FSOL helped me realize that music has an innate ability to take you outside yourself and your immediate existence. It’s hard to capture that again, much less put a price on it, but $1.50 ain’t a lot for the attempt.

Blu Mar Ten – Night Shift (Future Sound of London Remix) is available NOW.

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