TOTD – DJ Phantasy – 44 Mag (Sub Zero Remix)

Look, sometimes you wake up and you just want to air-punch the planet. Despite being ill, I slept like the dead due to a healthy dose of NyQuil and some Benadryl. So when I woke up I was ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum…and I was all out of bubblegum. Now I’m at work and I found my bubblegum, so the kick-ass has taken a backseat to checking email. C’est la vie.

That’s alright though, because I have Sub Zero’s remix of DJ Phantasy’s jump-up classic 44 Mag to keep me relatively fired up. It was released along with the original, the classic Ray Keith remix, and an instrumental of the Sub Zero refix on October 6th.

The original came out way back in 1996 on Phantasy’s Easy Records (itself a sub-label of Sub Base) (Ed. Note: Nope!) and was a huge hit. I have tapes from that era where it’s played five or six times a night and gets pulled up regularly. Sub Zero gives it a bit of modern jump-up, Playaz flavor with some thundering bass stabs and builds while keeping the elements of the original.

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