Rebel Sound Culture Clash 2014

A few weeks ago, Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) hosted the Red Bull Culture Clash live on BBC radio. It was a soundclash featuring four separate crews and musical styles going head-to-head for cultural and musical dominance through four rounds of competition.

The clash participants:
Rebel Sound – Chase & Status w/ MC Rage, Shy FX, and David RamJam Rodigan
Boy Better Know (BBK) – Wiley, Skepta, Jammer, JME, Shorty, Frisco, Solo45
A$AP Mob – A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Ant, A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvy
Stone Love Sound System – World Immortal Sound, Wee Pow, Diamond, Billy Slaughter, Dee Pow, & Shelly Belly

The objective of any soundclash is to play the most exclusive, customized dubplates you can in order to “kill” the other sound. David Rodigan explains the soundclash around 2:00 in this linked video. Simply put, you’re trying to play tunes the other mans can’t play.

Through the four rounds Rebel Sound won 3-1 over BBK, and honestly it shouldn’t have even been that close. BBK were full of grime heavyweights and came to clash, but they couldn’t keep up with Rebel Sounds’ relentless assault. Whereas A$AP Mob were completely unprepared for the soundclash (more likely they had no clue what they were doing) and seemed to just be doing their stage show. Finally, despite being legends in the game, Stone Love looked lost from the get.

Section23 was nice enough to curate all three hours of Rebel Sounds’ rounds into a single stream for your listening pleasure. Check it out because hearing all these custom dubs and listening to the rampant shit talking was a blast.

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