The Invaderz – New Found Dialect – Commercial Suicide

Enter The Invaderz.

I have been a fan of The Invaderz since 2001’s “Rocksteady” and immensely love the sound they bring which leans heavily on funky vibes and drum work…though they, honestly, do any style well. Following appearances on labels such as Metalheadz, Commercial Suicide, and their own Transmissions imprint, The Invaderz have now arrived with their debut long player, New Found Dialect. The album comes by way of Klute and his much much-respected brand, Commercial Suicide.

I have been absolutely blown away by this release. I did not anticipate these guys coming through after 10 years deep in the game with an album of incredible vibes, energy, and a return to styles that many people thought were done. At times, drum & bass gets ahead of itself in the studio wizardry department and many producers are sound design geniuses but lack the ability to get a tune rolling and putting some “stank” on it…like some serious stank funk! Invaderz comes through with flying colors on New Found Dialect, laying down the proverbial stank!

The album’s rolling opener, “Addicted,” features Deeleela dropping a nice vocal on a tune set to loosen you up for an album that’s about to get you moving for over an hour. Things are paced very well and get further fired up with techy bangers like “Bonesaw” leading you into the long-missed sound of a good ol’ amen rinseout “Burning Book!” I love a good amen rinser and “Burning Book” had the voices in my mind screaming MC GQ’s AWOL-era “HEY!” and wanting to signal for the reload. Tracks like that are such a welcome moment. More standouts include the deeper and funky “Getting So”, beautifully musical “Jazz Club,” “Love Vibrations,” and SB crew favorite, “Dream Is Over.” That last track is absolutely the epitome of robotic funk with basslines specifically created to get your butt on the floor. Fans of V, Dope Dragon, Full Cycle and the like will especially be feeling “Jungle Life” (another SB fav) and “Double Think”, both of which are modern takes on sounds that put the aforementioned labels into the buy-on-site category. The only off moment I experienced in the album was “Feel The Same.” It just seemed out of synch to me compared to the rest of the LP, but hey, that’s just my opinion…

This album was absolutely refreshing! New Found Dialect is easily running with Ulterior Motive’s recent album on Metalheadzs, The Fourth Wall. They’re polar opposites in terms of sound but bring top notch production and unique vibes all their own. The Invaderz work a musical and jazz tinged side to New Found Dialect that has been missed by many of us and is very welcome. In an age where drum & bass is beginning to take chances with vibes and energy again rather just coming through with high-end sound design.

Invaderz – New Found Dialect Sampler is available NOW

New Found Dialect Album is available for pre-order HERE

Check the Commercial Suicide Facebook page for more audio previews as the release date gets closer.

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