Survey – Object Relations EP

I love it when a promo slides into my inbox, I pop it into Foobar, and it makes me smile. It’s like rediscovering a little bit of sunshine…even if the music it contains is moody, foreboding or has a touch of nasty.

That’s exactly what happened when Protect Audio sent me Survey’s new EP, Object Relations. Sure, I’ve featured the German duo and their music before, including their recent Steam Berlin podcast. They’re kinda blowing up now, with forthcoming releases on Noisia’s Invisible label and Trace’s DSCI4 too. But Object Relations has done my head in and even I can still be surprised at the craftsmanship of an EP when it jams my earholes. Is that hyperbole? Maybe, but I don’t give a fuck. I’ve had this EP in a constant rotation since it arrived.

I’ll stop yammering, but if you want to know more about Survey or their current/future plans, you can head on over to DnBA and read their interview with them. In it they discuss the meaning behind the EP’s title, Object Relations, state of Berlin, its drum & bass scene, and Hardy’s propensity for excessive gas.

Object Relations is available now!!

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