Chris Lund – Taking Dallas into the FUTURE.

I’m not quite sure what a renaissance man looks like, but Dallas native Chris Lund comes pretty damn close.

For the past 14 years, he has been crafting a musical world that earned him slots at flagship events like Burning Man and South By Southwest. A college professor with two degrees, one in audio engineering and the other in music composition, his FUTURE party series is one of the busiest underground events in Dallas. His tunes have charted in the top 10 on Beatport, TrackItDown, Hype Machine and Juno, He’s putting the finishing touches a new album for his longstanding music project, Left/Right. He’s creating fantastical art installations and is has his sights set on learning how to blow glass.  See, I’m telling you: renaissance.

I’ve followed Chris’s career loosely since around 2005. We had some quality music-nerd bonding time 2 years ago at Meltdown Festival. That’s where I first I caught a glimpse of just how passionate he is about producing, curating shows, and djing in general. My curiosity piqued, I started paying closer attention to Left/Right and what Chris had going on. And on. And on.

Now I’d like to give the Shadowboxing audience a chance to get to know him a little better, because I think you’ll find him as fascinating as I do. Chris was kind enough to take time out of his very busy schedule to give me a deeper look into his world. And that world looks like this:

You just came back from Burning Man. In 3 sentences describe your favorite moments of the event.
Overall this year was more personal and introspective for me. Some of my favorite experiences were interacting with strangers and learning about how people were making the large-scale, techy art we’re trying to push at FUTURE. If I had to pick 3 specific moments I’d say: first, our camp piling into a tank art-car and riding out to the trash fence at sun rise, dancing to the art car Kalliope, and finally spinning a super-deep set at Decadent Oasis and having people start dancing as the sun began to come up.

LeftRight at BurningMan Root Society 2012

Left/Right at Burning Man Root Society 2012

Tell me about your FUTURE party. What can a newcomer expect of the night?

FUTURE is based on combining underground music and really immersive art-environments. Each event is pretty different visually and it’s been fun experimenting with new installations each time. The music co-founder Trespass and I try to push revolves around future garage, uk bass, and breakbeat. We’ve been really lucky to have a fantastic mix of crowds that attend…fashion people, underground music heads, and artists. Inclusivity is important to us- everyone is welcome!

Okay, that sounds hella cool. When’s the next one?

The next FUTURE night is a collaboration event with Full Access feat Gorgon City @ It’ll Do Oct 18th. We’ve been working to collaborate on that show for over two years now. We are happy to be supplying the art as well.

FUTURE 1-31-14 Crowd FUTURE 7-12-13 Mannequins Ben FUTURE 8-1-14 LeftRight

Various photos from FUTURE

What’s Left/Right been up to in the studio lately?
I’ve recently completed a couple tunes with Trespass that we are currently shopping. My biggest venture this year has been working on my own full-length album, TIME. I have 12 tracks about 80% done with a few singers spread throughout (including myself). The sounds range through a few genres (118-140BPM), but focuses on darker garage and broken beat throughout. Some of it I don’t really know how to define to be honest.

3/6 of these teasers are on the LP including the title track, Time:

And here’s a teaser of pt 1 of a two-part single (I’m singing on pt 1)

What kind of music did you grow up on?

I grew up on classical music in a household that didn’t listen to much rock/pop so my first experience with electronic music was Switched On Bach by Wendy Carlos; I wore that tape out as a kid. The other big one was Prodigy – Fat Of The Land in junior high, and then in high school I discovered the rave scene of the early 2000s and bought turntables. I started producing electronic music almost immediately after graduating college with my music degree.

211_ChrisBrokeIt_Meltdown crop

Chris Broke It @ Meldown Festival, Ft. Worth

Tell me about what keeps you busy outside of curating amazing parties and djing shows.
I have two jobs. My primary job is via my business LeftRightAudio mixing, mastering and production lessons. I work out of my studio in Deep Ellum at Rockit Labs (same studios as Paul Paredes, Demarkus Lewis, Chris Jumble). I also teach two to three Audio Engineering classes each semester at Collin College in Plano.

What are some of your other projects? Because I know this can’t be it.

Team Awesome (dubstep/drumstep)

Chris Broke It (indie/electronica)

CSLund (composition / songwriting / sketches)

Team Awesome at LL (Caspa)

Team Awesome @ Lizard Lounge, Dallas

What are you focusing on for the rest of 2014?
So besides finishing the album I’m also doing a full visual rebranding for Left/Right, starting on some remixes, and generally pursuing FUTURE art. I’m improving my interactive kinect installation, projection mapping skills, and building a fire sculpture (hopefully learning to blow glass)! Some of these will be funneled into my performances as they develop. If I’m lucky, I’m also hoping to finish my band Chris Broke It’s album this year too. The eternal struggle is too many projects, too little time (thus the name of the album).

2015 Left Right world take over?  Yes?
Haha- yes! With a little help from my friends. 🙂


To keep up with Left /Right check out these sites –


FUTURE 5-10-13 Sign pic


Edited by Derek Johnson


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