Vromm – Prototype EP – ThirtyOne Recordings

Vromm – Prototype EP – ThirtyOne Recordings – OUT NOW

I have to thank Doc Scott for blessing me with this EP after playing with him recently and completely geeking out on techno with him. We had a lengthy discussion about pushing boundaries within Drum and Bass and taking chances to which he told me he would send something to me to check out. I got the Prototype EP shortly after and I have to say this has been in constant rotation for a few weeks. Vromm is a new music project created by Alvaro Martinez and I say it is a breath of fresh air with deep emotional soundscapes and unforgiving beats. It is pushing that half time sound that Dbridge and Exit have been exploring, highlighted on the Mosaic compilation.

Vromm’s Prototype kicks off the EP with sparse beats and stabs that weave in between pads and seem to give you the feeling of overlooking a crowded club in the future. Vromm is a skilled and veteran producer and his production emphasizes someone who has honed his craft. El Sol continues to build the feeling in the EP as the tension rises with vibes that are reminiscent of earlier Metalheadz/Reinforced. Vromm uses pads as washers of sound into new areas of arrangement with precision and on occasion get percussive to emphasize the sparse drum programming that is some of the best I have heard this year. Fields of Vengeanze highlights this and the EP as a whole to me. A BEAST of a tune and absolutely destroys on a proper system. F Plex closes out the EP on a manic note but is the most robotic tune of the release, leaving you wondering what Vromm has up his sleeve next. Choice release. PICK IT UP!

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