Beats & Pieces Vol 28

Well, I had intended for this next B&P to be a podcast showcasing some new tunes…however after a massive gear failure, a sick child, and the impending arrival of house guests I’ve called that off for the time being. I still intend to do the podcast, but I’ll need to get the gear sorted out first.

Anyway, let’s just do this the old fashioned way!

Response – S.O.S/Control – Ingredients – OUT NOW

S.O.S aka “Son of Sevenless” is a masher with a chilling intro and a straight angry break. I like this one when you’re stepping into the club and nothing has gone right at all up to that point. The flip, Control is the antithesis of S.O.S with a lighter feel and steppy snare leading a powerful female vocal. This release from Manchester’s Ingredients crew is an interesting case in drum & bass’ continued duality.

Sizzla – Champion Sound EP Remixes – Muti Music – OUT NOW

Sizzla‘s latest album, Born A King, has enjoyed tremendous success since it’s release several months ago and now the album is getting a fourth remix installment. This time the drum & bass, glitch, and dubstep community take a whack at its biggest choon, Champion Sound. Tunes from Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Spoonbill, and Hypha do their best to outclass one another remix fi remix. Personally speaking…Phizix takes the crown!

Andy Pain/Z-Connection – Take It/Horizon – Diffrent Music – Out 28 September

I often feel like Diffrent Music are playing chess when a lot of other indie labels are playing checkers. They’ve paired up a couple of Russian producers for GSTEP004 that rinse a bit of juke and footwork. They’re both wonderfully hectic pieces of music, but Take It is the mellower of the two (if you can even call it that!). It’s a nice change of pace…well done folks!

Hex – SlugProof – FreeLove DigiFREE DOWNLOAD

Here’s a mighty strong jump-up tune from Hex on FreeLove Digi that’s…well…free! Quality work, Hex!

DBR UK – Say What You Want EP – DispatchOUT NOW

I’m way behind on this release, but this was in my top five favorites last month. S’all about Kick’n Ya Door for me on the EP, but all four tunes are incredible rollers. Amanda Seal has the eponymous Say What You Want on total lock down with that vocal and Paranoia instills exactly what the title describes. DBR UK and Dispatch Recordings aren’t fucking about lately.

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