Bobby Dale – Raisin’ Hell

Again, we’re going off-script to showcase the darkside of country music with a mix from Bobby Dale (formerly known as Grommit). Featuring tunes about rampant alcoholism, the devil, gettin’ fucked up, and bum railing…it’s everything you could ever want in outlaw country music without ever knowing you wanted it.

A compilation of some beer drinkin’, hell raisin’, rowdy tunes I put together using Technics, CDJ-800, and veins full of country lovin’, Texan blood.

Track listing:
Louvin Brothers – Satan is Real
Ruby Ann – Train to Satanville
Hank III – Thrown Out of the Bar
Johnny Paycheck – I’m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised
Sturgill Simpson – Railroad of Sin
Whitey Morgan – I Ain’t Drunk
Dale Watson – I Lie When I Drink
Whitey Morgan – Turn Up the Bottle
Johnny Paycheck – Stay Away from the Cocaine Train
Mickey Gilley – Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time
DAC – Fuckin in the Butt
Hank III – Cocaine Blues
Sturgill Simpson – Life of Sin
Waylon Jennings – Ramblin’ Man
Nikki Lane – Seein’ Double
Unknown Hinson Show Theme
Unknown Hinson – Sweet Pain
Ernest Tubb – Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint
Eddie Noack – Psycho
Porter Wagner – The Rubber Room
Satan is Real outro

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