Utah Jazz – Portfolio LP & Promo Mix

Utah Jazz has just released his fourth full length, but the first on Spearhead Records, entitled Portfolio. I mentioned two of the tracks, January Silence and Endless, back in my May Beats & Pieces column, and even stated that those tunes were a taste of things to come from Portfolio. Well, after hearing the full album, Mr. Jazz has delivered in spades.

Several of the tracks on the album have a throwback and nostalgic feel to them. As someone that appreciates the history of drum & bass, I applaud the effort to capture the sounds from those by-gone days. Personal favorites: The opener, Clarity of Thought, for it’s straight ahead, classic, liquid funk style. Love Everlasting, which is quite reminiscent of a funky breaks track that was just time warped from the 90s. M.A.M (aka Mongo’s Ambient Masterpiece) for the ambient and soulful mood with surprise vocals from Stamina MC. And finally, Passage of Time would be at home on a Logical Progression compilation from Good Looking Records (have I mentioned that I love that classic atmo dnb sound? only 8 millions times). By the way, the ladies are going to love Roll That Blues featuring MC Fava…that’s a sexy joint.

Utah Jazz had a nice Q&A with Drum & Bass Arena last week that gives you some insight into the albums creation and it’s direction. Spoiler Alert! The recent birth of his daughter has had an incredible impact on his life and the way he rolls musically. He also shares that he may, or may not, end up hanging around the house in the buff during London’s currently extreme summer temps!

Utah Jazz – Portfolio – Spearhead Records – Out Now!

To sweeten the pot a bit, here’s Utah Jazz’s FabricLive promo mix for a set he was set to play at the Bukem-In-Session night last Friday.

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