Spearhead Records Appreciation Day

I’m a big fan of Spearhead Records. Why? Because they simply produce top quality drum & bass from new and established producers without any fluff or pretense. So today we show our appreciation by highlighting two of their recent released and previewing a forthcoming album, plus for good measure, we’ll throw in a link to BCee’s July promo mix. Let’s go!

Seba – Cold Spring/Addicted – OUT NOW

Robert Manos vocals on “Cold Spring” are stunning. Seba packs in hair-raising synths and rousing keys to match the steppy drums and that vocal to stick a surface summer vibe into a cold winter heart. This is a sub-conscious break-up song that you put in a mix or play on repeat to make that girl you’re dating question why she’s with you. The, if “Cold Spring” is a break-up song, “Addicted” is the oh-shit-I-have-made-a-terrible-mistake-and-regret-everything tune. It offers the perfect bit of duality with a bigger dancefloor tempo and even bigger bassline coursing through it with an (uncredited) female vocal leading the charge.

BCee – Hit You Where You Live/Back To The Street (Nu:Tone Remix) – OUT NOW

Damn, BCee went straight for the throat and, figuratively speaking, “Hit You Where You Live!” I imagine this tune came about after a particularly rough day of traffic in the mighty metropolis of Diss, South Norfolk. Maybe he got stuck behind a tractor or argued with his neighbor over the direction of the village, then took it out on this techy smasher. “Back To The Street” originally appeared on BCee’s Lost and Found album from 2013. This time it gets an excellent re-working from Hospital Records artist Nu:Tune. They go to work with a more drum oriented version with (obviously) livelier drums, more prominent piano work, and exceptional work on Phillipa Hanna’s vocal.

Hybrid Minds – Mountains Remixed – Out September 2014

One of my top albums of 2014 is getting every single one of its tracks re-done by some of D&B’s heaviest hitters. dBridge, Total Science, DLR, Lenzman, Phil Tangent, Nymfo…fuck me. Just give the preview a listen and give it a pre-order. Worth it.

Here’s BCee’s July Promo Mix ahead of his Spearhead night at Plan B in Brixton on 25 July.

Want to know more about Spearhead Records?

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