Anile Interview for Fourfit EP02

First of all, thanks for your time!

According to Twitter you have a real job involving work vans, chemistry sets, and as you put it, “holding back the sea.” Without going into too much detail is this a legitimate enterprise or are you Breaking Bad on us?

> Yeah your right, I hold down a full time job which takes up 95% of my time as it’s quite demanding. Plus some projects I work on are, and can be, a fair distance from home. But work’s work and I can’t turn it down.

I love doing what I do and I wouldn’t swap it for much else. One day I can be working along side dredgers and the next I’m working on runways. Can’t complain at all, my career is for life and has kept me grounded through my musical career.

How’d the moniker of Anile come about? You certainly don’t match the dictionary definition; a doddering old woman. (Although, by your own admission on Twitter, you have the same sleeping habits as one.)

> Haha!

I’m constantly reminded and asked this question and same answer as always… I have no idea how I came about my stage name. But it’s scary as your right there are a few stereotypes that link me to an old woman. I’m in bed by 9pm, I drink copious amounts of tea and I love cooking lol! It’s certainly a very weird & wonderful word which sticks in your head.

Can you give us a bit of background about how and when you began writing music?

> I began writing music when I got my first guitar.. When I say writing it was a case of playing a few Pearl Jam chords in a different order and saying look what I’ve wrote.. Most people, I think, start that way if they get an instrument given to them when they are young… fusion of inspiration and creativity still plays an important part in my musical career to this date.

Your latest release is “Depths” on volume two of the Four Fit EP series for Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R imprint. Did you write the track for Soul:R?

Actually no I didn’t specifically write it for Soul:r. It came about after a made a batch of tracks which I sent to a lot of labels and no one picked it up or really even acknowledged it. Marcus (Intalex) was the only guy to listen to it in its entirety and I feel understand the track and how it should be heard. I remember his exact words, ‘that’s the baddest track I’ve been sent all year, that’s Soul:r.’ I was so pleased to see Marcus grab it as not only had Soul:r been a favourite label of mine I knew that Soul:r complemented the vibe of this track. Hearing it at Sun & Bass getting pulled up only filled us with confidence to see it put out on the Four:fit series.

Much of your music seems to have very crisp instrumentation and “Depths” includes some piano and cello (I think?) layered into it. Do you have any “traditional” musical training that lends itself to your sound?

> I’m not trained at all in music or do I feel I’m at the level of a trained individual. My life has always been surrounded by music since my earliest memories. I play the piano, guitar and drums and I’ve never been to far away from an instrument I can jam on. I can’t think of anything better than a bottle of red, a bunch of Led Zeppelin or Fleetwood Mac albums and guitar to jam on all night. Certainly having an ear for instruments lends itself to producing an intelligent composition. If you listen to any Calibre tracks then that’s a perfect example.

Your tune appears with excellent work from LSB, FD, and Kid Drama, but are they aware you’ve smashed ’em down? (*Ed Note: I asked the previous question with tongue firmly planted in cheek.) Is there ever any friendly competition between producers on these compilation releases?

> I’m not aware of smashing them down on this release at all. Every track on that release stands firm.. I don’t get the impression that there is any competition even in the positive sense. If producers are making tracks to out do others then they need to take a back.

Some artists get hung up on minor details during production, is that something you’ve dealt with? If so, how do you convince yourself to move on and leave something alone?

> I’m not a big fan of perfected over produced tracks at all. I get more enjoyment listening to unknown producers who you can hear in there production that it isn’t perfect. The vibe and sonics of a track are key and you can have a very simple piano chord arrangement and some subtle pads backed with just a hi-hat and it would get my full attention. I try not to get hung up on mix downs or sample manipulation. It’s always a minefield for any producer. If you can’t convince yourself then your going to convince others.

I feel now a days as music progresses and techniques evolve, the basics can be forgotten. Commix were a perfect example of this simple techniques and simple composition arrangement and without doubt the most inspirational drum n bass producers of the last decade at least.

From talking with other producers there’s always one track that a producer has created that stands out. It’s not usually their favorite, but for whatever reason they remember every aspect of its creation. Do you have one of those? Why is it the one?

> Lessons To Become always stands out as at the time Autonomic was huge and I was so into that sound and I remember making this tune that I hoped would intrigue others as the Autonomic Cru did me with their tracks. Then D Bridge & Instra:mental dropped it on the autonomic podcast and that was a very special time and gave me the confidence not only to produce tracks like Orthodox but to produce tracks such as Lessons To Become.

You’ve had sustained success over the years, but 2014 has been massive with this Soul:R release and your recent signing with Hospital Records. When you signed to Hospital did they force you to get the H logo branded somewhere or did you just have to sign over your first born male heir?


Hospital were very much the opposite. My music has always been supported strongly from the Hospital guys and my working relationship with Med School Music since early 2010 (*Ed. Note: Change of Direction) has always gone hand in hand. Hospital HQ are the most professional outfit in dnb right now and I’ve been a fan since day one and it’s a family with that everyone looks after one another which is a lot to say for 90% of the labels I’ve worked with over the last 5+ years in the scene. There’s no ‘ you have to wear the H…’ I’m always wearing it already as I’m proud to do so. I have some exciting deep soulful music forthcoming on Med School Music which I’m hugely proud of and will only concrete a sound which I have been crafting over the recent years.

Any plans for a full length album anytime soon?

> There’s no plans for an album any time soon even though I have about two albums worth of unheard music drafted away in the vaults, but never say never.

I know some DJs have expressed reservations about visiting the US again for tours, but would you be willing to come over and play some gigs? Given your schedule is that a possibility? (Would you like to share your booking info?)

> Not just to DJ but to visit the US has been a dream of mine since I can remember. I’ve always wanted to do the West Coast and experience everything in between. San Fran, Hollywood, yea I want to see it all haha!!! I can always make room in the schedule for something such as a trip like that. 🙂

Promoters…Get in touch

Finally, what’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given to you?

I’m not good on advice but I suppose my philosophy is:

‘Don’t let others use you… you don’t owe anyone anything’

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FourFit EP02 – Out 23rd June – Soul:R

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