Dose – Mind The Future – Artist Interview

Christchurch, New Zealand native Dose took a few minutes out of his day to answer some questions in regards to his amazing full length album, Mind The Future, OUT NOW on Commercial Suicide. There’s a full audio preview below, but fair warning it’s a smasher!

Dose – Mind The Future LP – OUT NOW.

>> Thanks for doing the interview! How did you initially connect with Commercial Suicide to put the album together?

Hi guys! Firstly Thanks for doing the interview!
I have worked with KLUTE previously for other releases going back to 2008…So we have always kept in touch. Klute is really supportive of artists and their vision, it was really refreshing to hear his initial support of my LP demo, and this support gave me a big boost to finish the LP. I’m grateful to have released an LP on Commercial Suicide, one of my favourite dnb labels.

>> Can you give us some insight into what inspired your writing? The album has a really intense dance floor vibe, is that what you set out to create?

I don’t really set out on too much of a direction other than trying to make music i’d like to dj…. the rest i just let happen naturally, sometimes it works, sometimes not 🙂

>> Did most of what you wrote make it into the final release?

no there are about 5 tracks that I will go back in on at some point and rework 🙂

>> The EP you released on Dutty Audio, Hashtag, had some deeper moments/vibes on it. Now on the new album “Moving On” and “Soul Food” present some different angles to your sound too. Can you elaborate a bit on the on those tracks and elements?

I generally stumble upon samples and just kinda go with the flow on where they take me…and that’s what happened with “Moving on” and “Soul Food.” I have done tracks on this kinda vibe before and I really wanted to have a good variety of my sound on my LP…

>> You have had some killer collaborations with Cern, Teknik, and the Upbeats (on the absolutely killer Tangerine), can we expect more from those partnerships in the future?

Yes – Out soon is a new collab for Renegade Hardware with CERN called “One at a time”. Lots more collabs to come!

>> Can you tell us more about the New Zealand drum & bass scene that you came from and, maybe, Christchurch specifically? How does it feel to come from someplace that’s produced artists like Mosus, Bulletproof, The Upbeats, Cern, Concord Dawn and yourself?

It feels good! New Zealands a cool wee country, and Christchurch specifically has a crazy dnb scene. Most of the parties are really busy and the crowd is second to none! That city is responsible for my addiction to dnb.

>> Have you ever shared any of your music with your family? Are they aware of your success?

Yes of course, my brother took me to my first dnb gig, so I have a lot to thank him for and my sister loves the odd dnb gig herself. My parents are proud forsure, but theyre def not regulars in the club!

>> Drum & bass seems to be as healthy as ever. How do you feel about the current state of things?

I feel the same, and am very excited as to what the future holds for the genre

>> What producers & labels are you feeling at the moment? What tunes never leave your bag?

BTK & Optiv, Mindscape, Jade, The Upbeats, Maztek, Trei, Borderline, State of Mind, Dub Physics, Prolix, DLR, i could go on all day!

>> What type of music, outside of drum and bass, is inspiring you right now?

Really feeling that housy kinda vibe, REDLIGHT and New York Transit Authority, and Roska are names that come to mind!

>> What are your major plans when the album is released? Will you be coming to the US to tour?

I’m always up for a USA tour, but that comes down to demand… If its there, I’ll be coming forsure 🙂

>> You’ve spoken previously about enjoying the outdoors and sports. With a busy DJ schedule and studio time, do you still get a chance to get out and enjoy mother nature?

Yes it’s essential! I work full time as well (currently) so my schedule is relentless, but relaxation is key, without it trying to write music won’t happen for me….

>> Finally, speaking of mother nature, if someone were to visit NZ for the first time what are the things they’d have to see or experience?

If i was to travel NZ or offer the advice of where and what to do, I’d get a campervan and travel the country top to bottom over a few weeks… Then you can see the sites, cities and the wilderness 🙂

Thanks for the interview! please check out my LP readers. Also a massive thank you to anyone who has supported me over the years… It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but i’m enjoying it muchly!

Big ups! – Dosey.

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