Right as Rhythm: UKG Summertime Playlist

If there’s one thing Summer weather makes me think of….it’s UK Garage.

Here are some of my favorite tracks – so many more gems I’d love to share but they aren’t online. Maybe a good thing to have them as vinyl only!

Right as Rhythm: UKG Summertime Playlist on YouTube

Tracklist // Discogs links:

1. Narrows – Saved Soul (2000)
2. Ghost – The Club (2000)
3. Wookie – What’s going on? (2000)
4. Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold (1998)
5. Horsepower Productions – Giving Up On Love (2001)
6. M.A.D. Productions ft. Carroll Thompson – Too Late (1998)
7. Unknown Artist ft. SWV – Weak (1998)
8. DYNK – Shorty Swing My Way (1999)
9. Noodles – First Time (2000)
10. Groove Chronicles – Angel Body (c.1997)

(Those last two are sooo sexy!)


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