The MC Fats Collective – We Gotcha

MC Fats, a long time staple of the drum & bass scene and the go-to vocal collaborator for many top producers, recently lost his leg due complications from diabetes and hasn’t been able to work. His friend and Eastsides label boss A-Sides decided to do something to help Fats out and called on the rest of the D&B community to lend a hand. Thus the “We Gotcha” project was born. This KMag interview with A-Sides lets you in on Fats’ situation, how the project was born, and which producers contributed.

After reading it, it showed just how beloved Fats is by a huge swath of people. All the tunes and remixes were donated for free and all monies collected from the sales of the project go to help Fats out. In this day and age it can take a lot to get people to donate that kind of time and effort, no matter the cause, and it makes me proud to support this project and even more so, drum & bass. Even after twenty years of listening and supporting this music I’m still astounded by the capacity of the global community to come together and support something they find important.

Get well soon, Fats. We’re rooting for ya.

Here’s A-Sides mix for the Panda Drum & Bass Mix Show featuring a lot of tunes from the EPs and albums.

The first LP release, We Gotcha 1, featuring Makoto, dBridge, Serum, Zinc, and Bladerunner is OUT NOW. The second release, We Gotcha 2, with S.P.Y, A-Sides, Command Strange, and TC, is OUT TODAY.

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