The Layers of Frederic Robinson

Too often, the hipster thing to do in indie music production is to make weird music simply for the sake of making weird music. They abandon all structure and form believing their art makes them the audio equivalent of David Lynch. The reality is it just makes it all sound pretentious.

Frederic Robinson is not that producer.

His music does have genre-defying experimentation throughout, but it also manages to maintain some structure and form. His new LP, “Live Signals,” encapsulates this with a live version of his 2013 LP, “Mixed Signals.” Recorded by BMT during one of his live performances last year, it’s quite the ride as FR uses everything from modern gear to homemade instruments in it’s production.

I’ve always been pretty effusive with my praise of the talent that Blu Mar Ten have unearthed in the last few years, but Mr. Robinson might be at the top of that pyramid. My tweet last week while listening to “Live Signals” for the first time pretty much sums up the experience in a lot less time than it took for me to write out this blog post.

Live Signals is OUT NOW at all fine digital retailers. While you’re at it, also take a listen to another recent release, VAMP.

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