Beats & Pieces 25

I don’t recommend being sick for a month. It really sucks and plays havoc with your life.

BCee – Think Twice – Spearhead OUT NOW
The mighty BCee drops an original in “Think Twice” and a proper drum & bass remix of his slowed down crooner, “Into The Blue” from the album Lost & Found. Just like Bcee’s previous output of quality tunes this follows suit and I don’t believe there’s anymore consistent label than Spearhead for the funkier side of drum & bass.

Quentin Hiatus – It’s Only LP – Free Love Digi – OUT NOW
This is Quentin Hiatus’ first full lengthy LP for his Free Love digital label. He states that the music is the sum of all his personal experiences put forth in musical form. He felt it was important for him to have the creative freedom to produce these tracks how he saw fit. He fits in with the style of avant-garde drum & bass producers like Thing, Dominic Ridgeway, Eleven8, etc using off-kilter sounds, bpm changes and pads to create interesting soundscapes. I rather like It’s Only and All We Needed.

Cruel Culture & Keosz – Sorrow/Thought – Protect Audio – OUT NOW

Soft keys, a background downpour, easy stepping vibes, and a soft vocal lead “Sorrow” along a path of blissed out good times. Rather than try to switch it up by going harder/faster, CC and Keosz compliment the a-side with “Thought.” It’s a good Sunday come down one-two punch. Excellent work by the Protect Audio folks.

Rahmanee – The Stopper/Reprazent – BreaksPerMinute Records – OUT NOW
Strong, strong jump-up from a Serbian producer, Rahmanee, via German label Breaks Per Minute. “The Stopper” uses a clean dancehall dancehall sample to lead into heavy jump-up stab and bassline. “Reprazent” runs red as it steps slowly down into a quiet kung-fu sample before building back again. Check the Beatport link above for full length previews.

Ego Scene & DJ Lighta – Aiden’s Tune/Hold On – Horrific Records – May 12
Don’t be betrayed by the label’s name. The tracks on Horrific Records second release are anything but. “Hold On” is a light jazz stepper with a melodic soul sample layered with a smooth upright bass line. “Aiden’s Tune” is reminiscent of a classic rave tune with pitched up vocals leading into pianos and a 160+ BPM tearout. Top marks to Horrific!

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