Music Nation: Underground music in Britain (TV series)

Music Nation is a 5-part documentary covering underground music scenes in Britain. A collaboration between Dazed Magazine and Channel 4 the series takes in “all the key players, fashions and music from five iconic underground scenes – UK garage, Bristol bass, jungle, hardcore punk and Balearic.” (Dazed).

>> Watch the full-length Brandy & Coke documentary

Photo by Ewen Spencer
UKG – Photo by Ewen Spencer

The first episode, Brandy & Coke, was directed by photographer Ewen Spencer and aired in the UK today on Channel 4. Tracing formative musical influences in the early days of the genre and tracking its journey into the mainstream, we’re presented with a bright future for the music – back in the underground where it began and where it still thrives today.

Ewen Spencer recently released a book of his photography titled UKG, available to purchase on his website. Vice kindly shared a choice few images from the book: The soul of UK Garage, as photographed by Ewen Spencer  [Update: UKG sold out on April 4th but the special edition is still available.]

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Video: Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold 

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