Voyage – Bassdrive Show 4 – Emcee Recordings

Voyage is a producer currently signed to GQ’s Emcee Recordings and has a new EP on the horizon for release entitled “Diametric”. He and Mechanize do a Bassdrive show every Friday from 12-2 AM EST, so grab a seat and tune in. Voyage can also be found on Soundcloud where he hosts a samples group, that I and others, contribute to regularly. It’s an added bonus for those of you that might be into production.

1 Be Myself [Dubplate] Swayz
2 Late Snare [Narratives] Escher
3 Singularity (Feat. Trichome)[Proximity] Bazil
4 Nostromo [Renagade Hardware] Cern
5 Black Hole (Elteck Remix) [Surround Sound] Lethal
6 Shadow Boxing Remix [Dubplate] Voyage
7 Uneasy [Dubplate] SDS
8 Vax (B1t Crunch3r remix) [Gradient Audio Dubplate] BEquerel
9 Beliefs [Dubplate] Voyage
10 Your Nightmares [Dubplate] nCamargo & Jaybee
11 Retribution (Phuture-T remix)Acid Lab
12 Bloodcloth (N.U.L.O & Voyage Remix) [Dubplate] Voyage
13 Life Is Like A Dream [Dubplate] SDS
14 Homage [Dubplate] Voyage
15 Exception [Violation] Robustus
16 Tellurian [Samurai] Fre4knc
17 Saigon [Gradient Audio Dubplate] Voyage
18 Always Been Mine (Feat Collette Warren) [Soul r] Skeptical
19 Fabricate [Emcee Recordings] Voyage
20 Sketchy [Emcee Recordings] Mechanizm
21 One Of Them [Dutty Audio] Psyek & Negone
22 Watching Windows (DJ Die Remix) [Full Cycle] Roni Size
23 Timeline (Feat. Medusa) [Dispatch] Safire & Cern

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