Beats & Pieces Vol 24 – Warm Communications & Blu Mar Ten Music

Several big releases in the last few weeks that you should hear.

Mutated Forms – Crowlin/Reach You In Your Sleep – Blu Mar Ten Music – OUT NOW

You have probably heard Crowlin before in a number of mixes recently (like Anile’s Feb Studio Mix) and for good reason. It’s a big tune. Haunting, deep, and steppy…it hits on all cylinders from the drop. And that vocal sample is SICK! Reach You In Your Sleep is no slouch either with it’s unique drum pattern that keep you off-kilter throughout. I don’t want to saddle it with a Trap designation, but it’s pretty close to that while maintaining it’s BPMs.

Villem & Mcleon – Putting Down Roots/Think That I’m Yours – Warm Communications – Out March 24

EHL of Warm Communications is costing me a lot of money because he keeps putting out really really good music. This release, WARM029, from Villem and Mcleod (THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!) is no exception. Putting Down Roots is straight jungle with zero pretense or bullshit. I hate to equate it with songs from the past, but it has a Sub-Base Records vibe running in it, but the production far exceeds the output on that seminal label. Think That I’m Yours takes a different tact by heading into a bit more atmospheric territory. Even though it’s less “busy” than the A-side, it still kicks with a bit more bang in the drums and lots of piano-like synths layered throughout. It’s what I’d want to hear after a particularly rough night out.

Sina – All Alone EP – None60 Records – Available March 24th

I know very little about Belfast’s Sina, but None60 has been pushing out quality music for a bit, so I figured it had to be tasty. The titular track on the EP, All Alone, is a soulful piece of downtempo. The Fybe:One remix kicks it up with a shuffling 2-step/uk garage vibe. Silent Dust’s rework manages to max out the low end while maintaining that soul-like downtempo swing, whereas Sun Glitters heads into a more four-on-the-floor approach. Sina and all the remixers have done an outstanding job.

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